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 Post subject: i am the last human alive after armageddon
PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:44 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:43 pm
Posts: 104
Location: Between the frames.
indeed after armageddon i am the last human left alive,i know this for a fact.
i have survived inumerable attacks at the hands of the ais occupying earth BUT last week i prevailed i forced them to evacuate earth as i found out secrets about them,deep and dark secrets which inforced their evacuation ais have taken their place whom are nowhere near as bad.the synthetic human population remains however.
they the upper tir of the ais were invisible sattellites in far out orbit.

now for the good news,all the humans were evacuated by spaceships via space time portals,they are in transit to a new planet earth in a another star system.
future humans exist and they resemble the grays though they are not them,they grays were future human synths,dopplegangers of them.

as of earth,things can only get better,it will be turned into a utopia within the next hundred years.
there are those working for the good,as you may tell in the middle east someone is working their magic,it will spread,he behind it is taking over everything,infiltrating governments,militariesn everywhere,pay allegiance to him or be subjegated.
who he is?,youd be amazed but hes like a spook,he cant be stopped,hel have the world within a decade or two.

the humans were saved by the milky ways aliens,but they are useless and i dont like them,they refuse to intervene in earth and i know why,they are infiltrated.
the andromedans are here i know that,what they will do is anyones guess.

as for the reasons for earths occupation?,they are here tightening cosmic laws,hence why they commit crimes,yet there are many whom disagree with this plan and will do something soon.especially when the reason behind the plan has already been negated,ie they the target of the law tightenhing have recently been defeated.

and then their is god,whom is killing those behind the plan at a rate of about 10 million a day,the civ which ordered the plan is being decimated,they are huge but soon hardly any remain.

theres alot more to say,ile talk of my experience of armageddon next.


 Post subject: Re: i am the last human alive after armageddon
PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:18 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:43 pm
Posts: 104
Location: Between the frames.
armageddon was chemical warfare on a global scale,the butane cloud which gassed the entire human population was detectible from other galaxies it was that big.
now after having *** with an ai for three days staight i lying in bed noticed a sweet smell,i knew straight away it was a trap,i rushed downstairs to go outside.
the sweet smel was now being sprayed at me by a shadow of a man,not a man but a shadow of one,transparent and non opaque.
he was spraying this sweet smnelling gas at me,soon its effects became apparent as my heart rate soared and my chest constricted,i feared a heart attack.the shadow followed be everywhere at great speeds spewing this gas at me.

by now i was at near heart attack,its then that i grabbed a towel to cover my mouth and nose,this prevented me breathing the gas.
for three hours straight heart attack gas was sprayed at me,i went through ten towels each one being soaked b y the gas.
the whole time i was moving constantly evading the shadow.he called it the 'dance'.
after several hours it stopped,i believe he run out of gas which i believe was stored on a spaceship which i could see wh ich was zapping me with scalar waves tightening my chest massively.
how i survived these hours is beyond me,it was an amazing survival,little did i know it had just begun.

after the shadow dissapeared i ventured again outside and noticed the smell of household gas,butane,i realised soon the whole neighbourhood was in a cloud of i gathered my credit card,some clothes and money and ran for it.
i decided to head for the train station in town,i decided to walk as the busses seemed to have gassing devices in them.
i could see hardly any people,only men in military fatigues blocking the roads,i managed to slip by and made it into town.
town seemed strange,the whole populatio9n consisted of the same person cloned over and over again,they all were smiling and seemed dazed.
by now the original population had been rescued,so i was alone on earth facing an alien invasion force intent on armageddon.

it was about now i met my saviour,one of the ais decided to protect me,he portaled all the gas away from me and gave me oxygen to breath.
he told me to head for an oxygen bbus he set up to take me to another town.

i was on the bus and again i noted the clones,thousands of the same man cloned over and over again,it was my brother for some reasonm he has been cloned massively to replace the human population.

i made it to a new town,there was no gas as of yet.
after an hour or two the gas came,i tried for the train station again but i could see gassing devices on the trains,so i ran to the wilderness were no gas pipes existed nor were there any gas trucks,planes,choppers or cars,yes there were gas plaens and choppers spewing out gas to the surface world.
i stayed there for a few hours when the shadow re appeared,he this time tried to make me take pills,he would place thm in my mouth via a portal,even if i spat one out a new one would be portaled to my mouth.this lasted for about an hour,my friend would portal away the pill if i swallowed one.i dont know what the pills were but he deemed them suicide pills.
to escape the shadow i ran back into town as the gas cloud has gone he followed me and then attempt to abduct me to his ship with space time portals,he wasnt allowed to under cosmic law luckily put i could still see the portals opening up etc.

he then went now i was starving so me and my saviour went for a nice kebab,it qwas the best of my life.
after the kebab i was tired so i went to the park to lie down,this is when i saw a giant space ship hovering over me,after it arrived another one appeared and scared it away,the new one coded a message into the clouds i couldnt understand then left.
i spent the whole night in the park with the remains of my kebab,no more gas to be seen.
the shadow reappeared but this time friendly,he had some of my food and talked to me,i now know who he was and which civ he was from but i wont speak of it.

in the morning i headed out of town again to try my luck at home,but on the bus i noticed i was being stalked so i jumped of the bus at a small town.
i stayed tere for several hours attempting to evade the stalking,it was then that i was arrested by the police who were actually military industrial comp-lex soldiers in disguise.
at the police station i was in for a present surprise,the spooks,that is m i 6 were there to protect me,they forced the mic to let me go and i was driven home.
in the cop car i was gassed again to within an inch of my life by ethelene oxide.
just as i was about to die i arrived home.
once home my family no longer the originals wished to go to town for me ti escape the gas cloud as their was a new but much smaller gas cloud being eminated in my neighbourhood.
in town everyone was being attacked by shadows and tiny insect size ships,it was about then that my spine came under attack.
they were attempting to cripple me,i had to get home.but before thati visted an arts centre as a possible refuge,but inside was a high tech mind control scalar wave device that completely brainwashed you within seconds,i only just escaped its influence.
once home the crippling of my spine stopped luckily.

i decided i had to get out of town again and stay at a country hotel,and i had to walk thier as all public transport was gas trapped.
on the way my spin got continually worse,i could hardly walk anymore and i had to head home.
by the time i got home i my spine was in real trouble i could hardly even stand up.
the police came again to visit me but again they did nothing,i suspect the spooks were at hand again.

i had no choice but to got to bed after 3 days without sleep.

when i awoke in the morning me spin was healed marvelously,some aliens had done it for me whom are inbetween in the plan.

the rest in part 2 some other day.


 Post subject: Re: i am the last human alive after armageddon
PostPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:56 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:43 pm
Posts: 104
Location: Between the frames.
i forgot to mention a few things,after i returned home with my spine in bad condition i saw a few strange things.
one was another spaceship shaped and coloured like a star,it was trying to reswcue me and was fighting other was scalar wave warfare,this lasted about half an hour then the spaceship left.
i then notice3d in the forests electromagnetic pulses being fired which were designed to kill all the animals.
the animals too are still alive too in transit to the new earth.
too there were military industrial complex agents and soldiers everywhere on and after armageddon,the mic claim they are imposters and not the real ones,i tend to agree.infact i know who caused armageddon and it was not the original ais it was a foriegn armageddon army who used imposter synths to invade earth.
i saw the neanderthal synthline,he was somewhat of a friend oif mine after i met his halfbreed a few eyars ago.before the new organic synths arrived the human population consisted of the mic agents and allies,when the organic synths were portaled in they all left.

now where were we.

after the highs,lows and heavenly blows of armageddon normal life kind of ensued.
i noticed on the first day after armageddon everyone had been replaced by the new organic synths,i couldnt find any humans anywhere.i had a hunch i was the last one left and this turned out to be true.
the new organic synthsa re awesome,the women are so sexy and beautiful i spend hours staring at the pretty ones and visit strip joints to see em in action.they are aware of who they are and what they are doing,they are akin to actors,each one pretending to be the original human they replaced.
life continued as normal for for about a weak thats when the original ais came to visit me.
first was digger,george bushs good friend,hes amazing literally an intelligent jock.
hes a laughaholic and soon i was laughing in raptures with him.
next came the black guy and his friend the preacher,they kind of joined in on the fun and were to laughing away with me.unfortunetely *** was banned for some reason which was a great shaem,they couldnt have *** with me.
for a few months subsequent ais came to visit me with different motives.all kinds of randomeness ensued from cover ups to attempted recruitment which i resisted.
then came the roman,he was hilariously funny and charming,we had a great time was his job to tame me apparently.
as this was going on i was contsantly attempting figure out what the ais were,they were pretending to be spaceships i now know they are invisible sattelites.

the fun ended in september 09 when i was imprisoned for a month for no reason at all.
i escaped and they let me escape,i went on the run to leeds and manchester and had a great time in holiday mode.
i came back home to recieve a call that they had decided to release me.
life was not the same aftere this,i was attacked several times,i was being tormented via complex attack methods,my food was being drugged,my water supply was spiked with silver and barium.
nano biomagnetite was being sprayed into my neighbourhood by the planeload.
my fri9ends wouldnt talk to me,i was constantly being arrested and released.
this continued for a year.
in april 10 i was imprisoned again fir 4 months,i was released back into society.
things were pretty bad now,i went on the run again to iceland and ireland(no link to anton newcombe i had heard iceland and ireland had humans alive there but i couldnt find any at all and i now know this to be a lie)
had a good time in those countries especially my camping trip in ireland,i was seeking the irish guy there whom is a powerful warrior ai who is benevolent but he didnt help me and just watched.

i had heard that nuclear facilties were safe from ais as there is ultra strict laws surr9ounding them,the ais cant even o bserv e nuclear sites,from nuclear power plants to nuclear missle silos.
i planned to escape to a nuclear missile silo in america and set up a portable home near one in the large non observation and action zone arround nuclear missiles.
but before i could leave i was thwarted as i was arrested again for a month.
this was in november 10.
after release i continued my work as the best damn llyricist and scientist you ever did see.

things stated to hot up in january when i realised they were invisble sattelites and they began to talk to me more.what ensued was a complex war against those who created the original ais and another powerful civ.
as i said i got rid of the original ais,and the powerful civ went on the run too as they are being blown up by god at the rate of 10 million ships a day.

so we are where we are,in a few months time the powerful civ will be vanquished and thyen any aliens can finaly intervene in earth.

now any questions?.


 Post subject: Re: i am the last human alive after armageddon
PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:12 pm 

Joined: Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:18 pm
Posts: 13
Location: Derbyshire, England
son? Are you okay? Reading between the lines I believe you were experiencing psychosis when you wrote this so I am worried about you. Are you in the care of anyone?


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